What is Free Vend/Pantry Service?

Free vend is the latest employee-pleasing trend in vending. It is a custom solution for businesses who want to provide their employees with free snacks to be enjoyed from the convenience of their own office canteen whenever they need.

Why offer Free Vend/Pantry Services to your employees?

  • Surveys show free snacks are a highly desired perk helping companies attract the employees they want and need, but also keep them for longer
  • Greater convenience means greater productivity; easy access to free office snacks can improve productivity by giving employees fewer reasons to leave the office during the day and boosting morale
  • Free Vend programs are a great way to encourage healthier eating habits; it is always hard to break old snacking habits, but it becomes much easier when the alternative is there and it’s free!
  • Free Vend programs do not cost employers much compared to other benefits and are still perceived as a generous bonus by the employees.

Follow the likes of Facebook, Google, or many other successful companies around the globe and invest in your employee’s satisfaction!

Snack Basket offers everything you need to make the Free Vend service a success- we listen to your needs, set up your space and regularly provide the stock you need.

Our Free Vend Program includes:

  • Traditional snacks, e.g. chocolate bars, crisps, fizzy drinks
  • Healthy snacks, e.g. granola bars, nuts&seeds, bottled water
  • Fresh fruit

You can decide on one of the options, or offer your employees a choice and mix them.

Offer your employees the ultimate office perk that will keep them happier and motivated throughout their working day.

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