About Us

Snack Basket was founded in 2011 with part of its aim to raise funds for charities through the sales of sweets and snacks within the workplace.

Starting from nothing but a few baskets and buckets of passion we started to drop Honesty Baskets to offices and Businesses around the Greater Dublin Area, and as our customer base expanded, in order to meet the demand that was slowly growing, so did we. In 2012 we broadened our services to providing tailor made vending solutions package, including vending machines supply, maintenance and merchandising.

We now service customers in the Greater Dublin Area and beyond and are constantly on the look out for new opportunities to compliment our existing Business. We are passionate about what we do and continually work hard to provide the highest levels of customer satisfaction and service that our customers have come to expect from us.

In 2015/2017 further growth has resulted in our opening of more branches in Cork , Galway, Athlone and most recently Limerick, for both honesty boxes and vending machines, with hopefully many many more new customers to successfully satisfy in the coming years.
The constant research we undertake to find out what you our customers really want has lead us to recognize the growing demand in Ireland for healthier options.

This research has resulted in our recent launch of a fresh fruit delivery service direct to your office which we are really excited about! To find out more about this great new Healthy offer click below.

Fresh Fruit Office Deliveries

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So now we can offer you the best of both worlds. The choice is all yours.